A traffic stop made by a Maine State Police Trooper in Lincoln, Maine, was recorded on a dash cam over 30 years ago, capturing a driver going nuts after being pulled over for going 29 miles over the speed limit.

According to the YouTube channel PoliceActivity Archive, on July 18, 1992, Maine State Trooper Stephen Murray stopped a motorist on a road in Lincoln, Maine, for speeding. After asking for his license and registration, he went back to his car to run the license, and found out that the driver had two prior speeding tickets.

Video cameras and body cameras are commonplace today in law enforcement, but back then, dash cams were a relatively new tool that law enforcement officers had at their disposal. It was the early '90s, so the video is blurry, but it's easy to hear just how irate this driver is when Trooper Murray returns to give the driver his ticket.

The driver does everything from yelling obscenities at Trooper Murray to ripping up his ticket and throwing it on the ground. Yet, throughout the entire traffic stop, Murray doesn't even flinch. He calmly and politely informs the driver of the process he needs to go through with his ticket, and drops the hefty fine of $137.50 on the driver, who then loses his mind in one of the most entertaining traffic stops I've ever seen.

PoliceActivity Archive goes on to say that the State of Maine has been using this video for training since then. The footage shows aspiring State Troopers how being calm, cool, and polite, no matter what an angry driver throws your way, is the correct way to handle a situation like this.

The driver was never identified, but he did plead not guilty. Then he never bothered to show up in court, so the judge suspended his license.

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