Hey look, it's winter.

Maine is having itself some snow.

Praise Mother Nature and the snow gods; winter is rolling in.

Sugarloaf and areas across Maine are getting the first snow of the season. I mean, just look at that glorious white stuff.

I love this so much. How about I post more?

Heck, folks up in Aroostook County got some much, they had to break out the shovels. Talk about getting the "trick" for Halloween. Am I right, folks?

It's great to see the dustings early in the year. It seems like Maine just doesn't have the snowy seasons like I remember. It would be superb if we got back to that this year. I'm sure the seasonal businesses wouldn't complain either.

Speaking of the snow at Sugarloaf, this is probably a good time to remind everyone that the mountain's opening day is not that far off. The popular resort recently announced that November 17 will be the official start of its ski season.

I'm sure Sunday River, Saddleback, and others will not be too far behind. And with more cooler temperatures expected, it will give these mountains an opportunity to fire up the snowmaking.

These are exciting times for us winter lovers. However, it's not without its negatives. You know what else showed up? This garbage.

Nobody is looking forward to those little monsters.

Drive safe out there, folks. The intermittent weather has returned.

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