Normally I find very relaxing, namaste-style, staycation rentals in Maine. But today, ladies and gentle-dudes I have found the most epic cabin in the woods that will finally be able to cater to people like me.

What type of people are those you ask? Thanks for asking. Gamers. My game of choice is the old-fashioned Mario Brothers, Kirby's Dreamland, and Tetris.

However, Pac-Man is iconic and legendary and is sitting in a rental in Hampden ready for you to play. This cabin is hosted by Sj and available on Air BnB.

For $124 per night you can sit back in this magnificent forest getaway and treat yourself to a retreat of a lifetime.

Not only is the space beautiful with spiral staircases and beautiful views but the entertainment is certainly the hidden gem here! They have a full bar so when you're done with your gaming you can pour yourself a tall glass of happiness.


The description reads,

In the center of the game room is a custom made Olhausen pool table completely equipped with pool sticks, 9 & 8 ball racks, brush & stand. We keep it covered when not in use.


There's also a Pac-Man 1 Up arcade with 12 different games on it that our boys enjoy competing for the highest rank.

We also purchased a jukebox that plays music and can be heard throughout the entire camp. It plays Lps, 45s, Cds & Bluetooth.


Not only do they have a Pac-Man but also a jukebox and digital pinball machine. If this is your type of retreat visit the AirBnb Listing here. 

Check out more images of the inside of this gamer's paradise in the woods of Maine!

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