Easter is a sneaky great holiday.

Not only is it a wonderful welcome to the spring season, but it's also loaded with delicious foods and sweets.

Who doesn't love waking up to warmer temperatures (allegedly) and finding that basket full of candy on the table? Then the rest of the day is like a poor man's Thanksgiving, with ham, turkey, potatoes, pineapple, a million side dishes, and various fruit-filled pies. It's quite the smorgasbord of amazingness.

As good as the meal is, the true star is the candy. How could it not be? A giant bunny literally breaks into our houses to give us these wonderful morsels. Candy has to be the most important if giant animals are willing to commit countless felonies to gift them to us.

With the holiday rapidly approaching, I thought it would be fun to find out what Easter candy Mainers love the most. Could it be the iconic Cadbury Cream Egg? What about jellybeans? Perhaps it's the Reece's Egg? Well, thankfully, there's a website that can tell us the answer...and the answer is...not great.

The folks over at the popular site Eat This, Not That, put together an article on every state's favorite Easter food. The site determined the answers using data from Google trends over a period near the Easter holiday. You can read more about the methodology here.

The food that came up as the most popular here in Maine was one that I certainly did not expect to see. It's a polarizing treat that I would imagine most people would rather pass on than eat. Yes, I am talking about Peeps Candy. Maine's favorite Easter food is essentially stale cardboard.

Getty Images
Getty Images

In case you don't know, Peeps are marshmallow-like candies shaped like little baby birds. They kind of resemble large versions of the small marshmallows in Lucky Charm's Cereal. Oh, and they taste horrendous.

Let's be honest, they taste like stale plastic blocks of sugar. The texture is somewhere between hell and misery, which is exactly how you will feel after ingesting one of these.

Getty Images
Getty Images

What an embarrassment for Maine. Of all the sweet treats to call our favorite, we are freaking stuck with this abomination. Why couldn't we just be represented by a nice chocolate bunny or even a simple Hershey's Kiss? Hell, I think I would take those horrendous black licorice jellybeans over peeps.

It's very rare that Mainers disappoint me, but this is just going too far. I honestly don't know if this relationship can be fixed. I'm considering putting the house on the market.

Here's hoping Maine has a better favorite food for Memorial Day.

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