Scam alert!

The Bangor School Department is letting folks know about a scam it's been made aware of, and is asking people to check their checks!

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Director of Community Outreach and Safety for the Bangor School Department, Ray Phinney, says the Department has learned of a scam, wherein people are being mailed illegitimate checks claiming to be from the Bangor School Department, but which are actually fraudulent. Quite a number of these fake checks are turning up.

"These fraudulent checks are not authorized by the Bangor School Department and are part of a scam targeting individuals who use online marketplaces. The checks may be accompanied by a request to give funds over the agreed amount of sale to a mover who comes to pick up the item. It is important to note that these checks are counterfeit and attempting to cash or deposit them may result in financial loss for the recipient."

Olivier Le Moal
Olivier Le Moal

Phinney says the Bangor School Department is working with the Bangor Police Department. He says the Departments are urging anyone who may have received checks they were not expecting from the Bangor School System, to reach out to local law enforcement to file a report. If you do happen to get a check, exercise caution before cashing it. It's probably a good idea to verify that it's real before trying to cash it or deposit the funds.

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