I was very curious when I saw this list. Not just to see what states were dubbed the healthiest in the nation, but to see the data used to come up with the results.

According to US News, they used the following data.

  • Infant mortality rate
  • Mortality rate
  • Obesity rate
  • Smoking rate
  • Suicide rate
  • Adults reporting poor mental health

Obviously with all of this data combined, you’re looking for the lowest total to be ranked in the sector of healthiest states. I  decided to dive in to see why Massachusetts ranks so high, and found some interesting information.

According to the Boston Globe, Massachusetts is #1 in the country for the best overall healthcare system.

Nurse taking care of senior woman in retirement home bandaging a wound

The Boston Globe also reported data that suggests Massachusetts has a lower number of smokers as well as residents less likely to be obese, as well as adopting a more healthier lifestyle by being more physically active.


Another factor, according to shvs.org, is their cutting-edge health initiatives via MassHealth. They boast that Massachusetts has made it a priority to ensure healthcare is available for low-income residents, and is currently ranked #1 for highest coverage in the nation. 

In closing, I found it interesting that they used data such as number of residents in Massachusetts more likely to get a high school diploma, further their higher education, and vote as contributing factors to overall health.

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