June 2 was National Donut Day. And to celebrate, Boston’s WGBH (and the GBH Archives) released a couple videos showing what it was like at Dunkin' Donuts in the 1980s.

As a Dunkin' Diehard, I didn’t think I’d be too thrown. Yeah, yeah, they still had the Dunkin’ Donut; the original with a handle that some (me) would welcome back with open mouth.

But I noticed so much more. So, before viewing, let’s break down all the awesomeness of a 1980s Dunkin’:


I can’t believe that somehow, I had forgotten about the counter. You could just pick a stool, place your order, and read a paper and make conversation with fellow patrons or employees.


I’m an iced coffee guy, but even I’m tempted to go over to the hot side when I see those beautiful Dunkin’ Donuts mugs. Perfect to “cheers” to when in agreement with a patron or employee.


That classic, tan-on-tan papering with a never-ending chain of “Dunkin' Donuts.” Is it possible to purchase this wallpaper today to put in one’s home?


Yes! This was my Dunkin’!! I know they’re the same, but try thinking of a glazed donut as a honey-dipped donut. It automatically makes it taste even better, even though they are identical.


Just sitting back, having their coffee and donuts, and enjoying small talk with friends or a quiet moment in their day. Nobody looking at their phones. Nobody in a rush. So if we miss our Dunkin’ of old, maybe that’s on us.

Maybe we should go inside and enjoy our Dunkin’ more often. Meet with friends. Talk to the staff. Just because America Runs on Dunkin' doesn’t mean we should always be on the run. Instead, let's enjoy it the way the great Fred the Baker intended.

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