Did you know the oldest man-made construction in the United States is in New Hampshire?

Likely, that is.

This is one of those "facts" that cannot really be proven. Instead, it can be estimated as close as scientists and other experts can estimate.

America's Stonehedge is located in Salem, New Hampshire.

Presumed to be built by the Native Americans or a migrant European group, America's Stonehedge is over 4,000 years old, according to the website.

alainapinto via Instagram, Canva
alainapinto via Instagram, Canva

It is a series of mazes, chambers, meeting places, and ceremonial rooms with walls, and is likely the oldest man-made construction in the United States.

It may not look impressive at first glance, but keep in mind that it is 4,000 years old. Check it out below:

It "has been determined that the site is an accurate astronomical calendar," according to the website. "It was, and still can be, used to determine specific solar and lunar events of the year."

Today, America's Stonehedge is a tourist attraction. And it's probably an underrated one.

Although it may not be as flashy as Storyland, Santa's Village, or Flume Gorge, this piece of United States history is wildly cool to think about. There are also alpacas all over the property, which is always fun for kids.

alainapinto via Instagram
alainapinto via Instagram

The construction site is available by paid ticket purchases only. The price is $16 for adults and $9 for children.

To get to the site, you will take a half-mile trail that is very rocky. The website recommends a backpack carrier for babies, as opposed to a stroller.

To learn more about the oldest man-made construction in the United States, click here, or visit America's Stonehedge at 105 Haverhill Road in Salem, New Hampshire.

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