Now that it's over, what do you do?

Whether you were one of the lucky ones able to score a pair of Eclipse glasses early this year or someone who had to pay a pretty penny the day of, protective eyewear is a definite must when it comes to looking up at the sun.

Total Eclipse 2024 Glasses 1, Cori Skall
Total Eclipse 2024 Glasses 1, Cori Skall

But then the moment passes, and it's over, and the glasses are no longer useful to you, what do you do with them? Toss them?

Before you throw them away, you may want to consider donating your safety glasses for folks to use so they can see another upcoming eclipse.

Total Eclipse 2024 Glasses 5, Cori Skall
Total Eclipse 2024 Glasses 5, Cori Skall

According to the Maine Discovery Museum Facebook Page, there's a place you can send your Eclipse glasses where they'll get them to kids this fall to check out the next big celestial event.

"... rather than throwing out your glasses after, consider recycling through donating them to children! Latin America will be experiencing an eclipse as well... and you can help kids and their families experience the eclipse safely."

Total Eclipse 2024 Glasses 5, Cori Skall
Total Eclipse 2024 Glasses 5, Cori Skall

If you have undamaged eclipse glasses, you can send them south for the Annular Eclipse, which is scheduled to take place in October 2024.

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Just toss them in an envelope and send them to "Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC, P.O. Box 50571 Provots, UT 84605."

If you want more information on donating your glasses, you can click here.

The glasses need to be shipped out by August 1st.

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