As towns all along the Path of Totality make preparations for the Great American Eclipse of 2024, emergency service agencies are gearing up to be on standby for issues that might come about due to large populations of people descending upon usually sparsely populated small towns. The eclipse is scheduled to take place Monday, April 8th.

Here in Maine, the Red Cross is working with state and municipal agencies and emergency services departments to get ready for any potential situations that might arise during the eclipse.

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"...The Red Cross is also staffing two field teams in Topsham and Bangor on April 8 from 7 AM to 7 PM. These teams will handle any requests the Red Cross receives for assistance related to the solar eclipse event. These requests could include, but are not limited to, canteening (providing food and water), mass care, and reunification. Supplies such as cots, blankets, and water have already been pre-positioned across the state."

As much as the Red Cross is preparing, they are also asking those who plan to view the event to plan ahead and take measures to make sure they stay safe.

John Montes, regional disaster officer for the Red Cross Northern New England Region, says people should have both supplies and a plan before the big day.

"To help everyone stay safe, we are asking those viewing the eclipse to be prepared. That means packing an emergency kit, making a reunification plan with your group in advance, heeding all local warnings, and keeping an eye on the forecast.”

They also suggest getting the Red Cross app, which you can find here.

Here are some other things to consider when planning for this eclipse.

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