Northern Maine will be a destination for people wanting to see the total eclipse of the sun on April 8, 2024.

The Next Total Eclipse of the Sun is Twenty Years Away

The eclipse will last for about three minutes as the moon passes between the Sun and Earth - turning the sky dark like dawn or dusk, according to The next total eclipse of the sun is twenty years away in 2044. 

Northern Maine and New Brunswick are on the “Path of Totality”

Aroostook County is a prime spot to watch it all happen because of the distance from bigger cities and what experts call “light pollution.” A full view of the total eclipse must be seen along the “path of totality.” Anywhere outside of that is a partial eclipse.

Caribou is a Prime Location

NASA lists Caribou as a prime place to watch the eclipse. The first phase is the partial eclipse that starts at 2:22 pm on April 8, 2024. “Totality” begins at 3:32 pm with the “Maximum” phase happening at 3:33 pm. “Totality" ends at 3:34 pm with the “Partial” stage ending at 4:40 pm.

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Protect Your Eyes and Prepare

It’s important to protect your eyes when viewing the phenomenon. NASA details some of the risks and has some great diy ideas for you to make eyewear at home. You want to plan ahead and know what to look for in the different phases. NASA has you covered with all the details.

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