JStew & Cori here... According to Science (a new study out by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and the University of Sydney in Australia) the first born child is usually the smartest & most successful child in the family. Do you agree?
Two brothers dreaming to be doctors when they grow up
JStew: My sister and I could probably debate this point all day, but the reality is, we're two different people, with two very different paths in life. My sister went to college, became a teacher, has a couple Master's degrees, etc... I all but failed out of college, and pretty much hit the road as a professional musician for years. Then I settled into working in restaurants, and even owned a couple. Likely, both of us would say the other one made better, well better-ish choices. Hahahaha. Trust me, she comments below.
Cori: As a parent of 4, I will say that its true that there's obviously more time and attention paid to the first born than each subsequent sibling that comes along. As parents I think we just kind of go from nurture mode to survival mode (because we're outnumbered by littles!) That may translate, in some way, to success/confidence, but I'm no scientist!  Being the eldest of 4 myself, I'm not sure if I'd say I was the most successful in the outward sense. My 3 younger siblings went further than I did in school (granted, I was on track to graduate college early, having graduated High School early. But I chose getting on-the-job training over finishing my studies, so technically, I'm a drop-out--but it was a calculated move, not one I made because of lack of smarts.) They all probably make more money than I do, and live in better houses. But I have more children than they all do, and I've learned to weigh my value in kid-hugs rather than dollars, so I am definitely the most successful by that measure! Ha, so there. Take that you guys!
Here's a peek at your answers too. Just don't let your siblings read them. Too late in JStew's case.....
Rob Irwin I have 2 older sisters, I think they are about equal, in terms of smartness, but I don't think either 1 is really successful. I am without a doubt, the dummy out of the 3 of us.
Lisa Gallant I 100% agree with this!!!! How about you Jason Stewart?
KStew Well, my sister has two doctorates, but I'm definitely the happier person, hahaha.
Sunshine No I don't believe that at all. My husband's oldest sibling is an idiot.
Don Vaczy Well I don't know how this will work I am my father's firstborn yet my mother's middle child And I probably am the most successful of all my siblings
Dennis Bean Morning gang....hey cori..im with ya....i never proceeded beyond high school diploma but have greatest job in the the world. "PROTECTING THY NEIGHBOR" Deff not a big pay job..but most rewarding thing. After 25yrs...i still love what i do!! And...i was born 9 minutes before dan...maybe not the favorite...but im the wicked cool twin!!!!!
Amanda E. Gleason That is, without a doubt, true. There is absolutely no question that I am 100x smarter and infinitely more successful than
Abel is. 🙄
Abel Gleason "...ELDEST child". I fly planes and I can barely read. Truth.
Mary K. Drew Not true in my family. My brother is way smarter than I am and always has been!
Jen Megquier I’d say it’s true for my family - but since I am the eldest, it could be a biased opinion.
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