What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Do you prefer chocolatey options like rocky road and s'mores, vanilla ones like cookies n crème and moose tracks, or those that are entities of their own like strawberry, pistachio, and coffee? And we haven't even gotten into the presentation. Cup or cone? No toppings or all the toppings? The possibilities are endless.

We already know about New Hampshire's most popular ice cream flavor, as well as the top ice cream places statewide. Heck, New England as a whole has some of the best ice cream shops in the nation.

Now, a website called Taste of Home is sharing their thoughts on the best place for ice cream in each state. Their selection for New Hampshire serves traditional and seasonal specialty ice cream flavors in a peaceful farm setting.

Memories Ice Cream in Kingston, New Hampshire

"Making memories one scoop at a time" is the motto at Memories Ice Cream, located at 95 Exeter Road in Kingston, New Hampshire. Situated within an old dairy barn, the ice cream shop uses only the best ingredients to make "super-premium ice cream and a selection of vegan/dairy-free/gluten-free flavors," according to their website.

The portions are impressive, the menu is expansive (check out the full list here), and you and your family can take in the peaceful farm atmosphere while enjoying sweet treats. Perhaps you'll meet a new friend, like this little fellow.

Memories Ice Cream via Facebook
Memories Ice Cream via Facebook

Here's more of what Taste of Home had to say about New Hampshire's best ice cream shop:

Good memories are exactly what you’ll have after eating at this New Hampshire joint. They use dairy from local cows that are raised without hormones or preservatives so it’s super fresh and milky. The portion sizes do not leave anything to be desired so come hungry!


Memories Ice Cream via Facebook
Memories Ice Cream via Facebook

To learn more about Memories Ice Cream, click here.

Now, let's look at some other popular ice cream shops in the Granite State.

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