J. Stew and Cori here...(not together -- yet still together! Figure that one out!)

JStew in the Stew-dio; Jason Stewart
Cori in the Honeycomb Hideout; Cori Skall

Speaking of figuring out...These days, a little momentary vacation from thinking about all the heavy stuff is a welcomed relief, at least for us. So we figured we'd have a little fun and start playing a game with you guys--for nothing more than bragging rights--to see if you could identify something by a simple picture.

We're calling it "What is that Wednesday?!"

We kicked it off this morning by posting this picture to our I-95 Facebook Page...

and giving you the hint that it was an everyday, ordinary object that most people have in their homes.

Then the guesses started rolling in...

  • Lori Lee: Bowling ball.
  • Lisa Clark: Frisbee
  • Deanna Bellatty: Oatmeal cover
  • Crystal O'Bar-Pinto: Corn starch or baking powder
  • Chris Godsoe: Hand sanitizer
  • Angela Davis: Plastic container of rice
  • Roxane Esposito: An exercise ball
  • Jenna Barron: Bottle of Icy Hot?!

One of our favorite comments was "Jon Balzarini: Aromatherapy diffuser melt thingy!!"

And then, finally, a couple of folks nailed it!

  • Jodi Hedberg: Tums bottle
  • Beth Drew: Tums
What Is That Wednesday Answer: A bottle of antacid (generic Tums!)

It is, indeed, a bottle of antacid (we'll accept Tums because that's basically what it is.)

We'll play again next Wednesday, so put your thinking caps on (as Cori's mom used to say!)

And thanks for all the fun guesses! We really enjoyed them!

Until next time ...