Janet Mills is the first female Governor of Maine, according to unofficial results.

The Portland Press Herald reports that, with 386 out of 574 precincts reporting, Mills had 51 percent of the votes. Shawn Moody had 43 percent and Terry Hayes, who had conceded earlier, had 6 percent. Mills celebrated at the Aura Nightclub in Portland, saying that the victory sends a message to women and girls in Maine that there are no obstacles they cannot overcome.

Shawn Moody told supporters who had gathered at his business last night that he felt they had given their all. He commented on the high cost of campaigning and questioned why, with so many children in the state who are food insecure, we're spending $25 million on political bids. Moody put up $503,000 of his own money to his campaign.

The election centered on several controversial issues, including health insurance, dealing with the opioid crisis, and protecting the environment while encouraging new businesses in Maine. There were four candidates at the onset of the election, but that narrowed to three when Alan Caron dropped out last week.

Voting officials say turnout was strong at the polls, as residents determined federal and state races, along with a single referendum question and several bond issues.

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