Blink and you'll miss them. But if you look carefully, you may have noticed some familiar voices and/or faces on the old boob tube the last week or so.

JStew: It's always so weird to be in a commercial. From beginning to end. Not in a bad way, but even though I've spent most of my professional life as a musician, I'm a drummer. So I've never really had to be in the spotlight. I'm perfectly content to be the supporting actor in the background. On the other hand, I like that my mom gets to brag to her friends that I'm on TV sometimes. I've spent enough of my life making my mom shake her head in low-grade shame, hahahaha, so at least now she has something to be proud of me for. So enjoy it down below, and watch the light reflect badly off my bald head. By the way...... that was water in my cup.

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Cori: I was a total Theater Geek growing up and I'm still uncomfortable being on camera....not necessarily in the moment where it's rolling, but ALWAYS after. I'm my own worst critic, so I instantly start to pick apart every part of my contribution. So I was super excited about this being a wicked quick flash on the screen! But I'm with dad was the first one to send me an excited text to say he had seen us on TV. Then my friends started to call and say "Hey I saw you right before Jeopardy!" or "Hey, you were on during the news yesterday morning!" That being said, when they asked us what we wanted to say and do for our part on screen, JStew and I were brainstorming and were like "we could say something stupid about ourselves and try to be something we're not, or we could just invite our friends to join us." So that's kind of where the idea for our little 5 second contribution to the spot came from.

We hope you like it.

And now, for the moment no one at all has been waiting for...we give you JStew & Cori and their 5 seconds of fame!

Special thanks to the creative services wizard, Mark Nickerson, for working his magic and making us not look like complete fools....for the most part.

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