A few weeks ago, JStew and I decided that we would share the ridiculous web finds that we come across (that usually lead to the two of us texting back and forth and sometimes snorting with laughter, as we try to out-do each other) with you--in a segment we affectionately call "JStew & Cori's Weekly Web Wonder!"

It's essentially fun videos we find online that result in us wasting time -- together. And so naturally, since we love to spend time with you, too, we want you to join in these moments with us.

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Since he decided to take the day off today, I'll bring you one that I found. It's from a family I follow on YouTube because not only are they good for a laugh with their silly antics, they seem pretty relatable and they actually come up with some really great parody songs. Once you check this week's "Web Wonder" out, you may want to spend some time watching some of their other stuff.

The dad, Penn, is a pretty talented musician, and he and his wife Kim (sometimes they get their kids involved, too) like to address issues from current events, to their day-to-day lives, in amusing ways. They have a good sense of humor when dealing with things, which leads to them creating pretty entertaining videos.

In this video, they address Penn's ADHD to the tune of the Lit hit from the 90's, "My Own Worst Enemy".

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