Let's be honest, Maine existed before it became a state.

I hate to bring us back to reality, but once upon a time, we were actually Mass-holes. I know that's not new information to anyone, but it proves my point that there were plenty of Mainers, long before Maine became a state officially in 1820. People lived here, worked here, and had entire generations of families, before Maine was Maine.

Map of Maine, USA.

Back then, Maine was one of those places people slowly started exploring from south to north. As people discovered more about the land up here, they began settling. So naturally, the first towns settled in Maine were all down south. It's funny really, because everyone always refers to the major difference in regions, and northern folks often seem to think they're the "real" Maine. Well, history points to otherwise.

One town always has to be the oldest, anywhere.

Here in Maine, that honor belongs to the town of Kittery. These days, it's one of the first towns you drive into as you enter the state from New Hampshire. Originally settled in 1622, Kittery essentially encompassed all the small towns around it as well. It sat opposite Portsmouth, but also included modern day Eliot, South Berwick, Berwick, and North Berwick.

Piscataqua Bridge from the New Hampshire side in 2018
Townsquare Media

So really, folks moving into the Kittery area were arriving about the same time as the whole Mayflower crossing. Kittery is not only the oldest town in Maine, but probably one of the oldest in all of America. But, it probably doesn't get that kind of credit for it, since Maine didn't achieve statehood for another 180 years.

Sadly, the area had it's dark side too.

Most people think of the North/Union as the people who ended slavery in America. But in the 1600's, there was a lot of active slave trading going on. And there was plenty done right in Kittery. Sir William Pepperell was a Kittery resident, but also one of the most prolific slave traders in New England. Thankfully, we have gotten past the black spot on Maine's past.

Obviously, our country and state has it's questionable history, although that could be said of any place in the world. But Maine's oldest town, these days, just does what Mainers do best... Live, and let live. Oh, and we drive like jerks. So maybe we still do have some growing up to do...

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