[UPDATE] - The little boy's stuffed bear has been found!  His mother just posted this on Facebook; "UPDATE: Bear is found and on his way home! It is truly a blessing to see the power of positivity!!! THANK YOU to Renys for keeping him safe! I cannot thank those of you that shared this post and shared your own stories about special stuffies enough! We will have one happy little guy tonight 💗💗 So much to be thankful for

A little two year-old boy from Waterville is in distress this morning, as he unfortunately has misplaced his bestest friend ever.

Sully and his mama, Colleen Lyons of Waterville, were shopping in the Ellsworth Reny's Sunday when apparently Mr. Bear fell between the cracks of the cart and wandered off on his own.

Now, if you've ever been a two year-old, and we're betting that you were, losing your "stuffy" can be a very traumatic experience.  Normally there's a bunch of distress which involves crying and possibly a sleepless night or two.  Regardless, it's never a good thing for mom and dad as well.

Sully's parents are 98% sure that this much loved and very beautiful bear must have either fallen from the cart or was mistakenly left behind, and Waterville is many miles away from Ellsworth, especially on a Monday morning.

But fear not stuffed bear lovers, more than one person who has left behind comments on Colleen's Facebook page has offered to help locate the wayward fake furball.  One commentator has a friend that works at Reny's, and will have them check the around business when they get in.  Another Facebook friend made mention of how they'd be in Ellsworth today, and would stop by Reny's and check on the situation.

We truly hope that Sully finds his beloved friend, the bear, and that this upcoming holiday season turns out to be a wonderful one, for both man and beast.

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