This service just started a short time ago. In fact it is so new that at my current address here I can't have it quite yet but there are people here at the office who do.  With this new service you receive daily notifications of letters that are coming to your house before they even get there.

These notifications can come to your Smartphone or computer's e-mail and best of all it is free. They call the service informed delivery and you sign up online with the U.S. Postal Service.

So if you want to see is Aunt Sue remembered your birthday or is the refund check you were expecting has arrived before you spend it this is the app you want. Informed Delivery actually will show you a grey scale image of what is coming to your mailbox. This is the Post Office's offering to bridge snail mail and its digital cousin.

There are other nifty things that you can do from the Post Office's webpage like change your address, track a package or set up an appointment to do or redo your passport.

Now another great reason to either sign up for the service or block it is so no one else can sign up for it in your mail and then preview what is coming to you for the purpose of theft as you can see from this Houston TX news story.

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