Justin Peters, the creator of the "Little Peters Words of Wisdom" YouTube channel, passed away last week at age 25.

Peters, an avid outdoorsman and natural comedian from Winn, Maine, died on Oct. 26 at a Bangor hospital, according to his obituary.

Circa 2015, Peters really took off with his short comedy bits, which often included his signature cry, "Yeeee! Yeeee!"

One of his favorite topics -- in addition to his beloved turkey hunting -- was the Maine-made elixer, "Moxie," the soda that can "put hair on your body," and "give you muscles" among its many uses.

Comedians -- including Maine's Bob Marley -- took notice of Peters and his home-grown, off-the-cuff, straightforward -- and sometimes NSFW -- sense of humor.

Marley and Peters shared the stage at the University of Maine at Orono in 2015.

In his obituary, it is said Peters enjoyed riding motorcycles, fishing, and hunting --  especially turkey hunting." Peters indeed loved to hunt, and at times hilariously wondered why it was so difficult.

Sometimes, he combined his love of hunting and Moxie.

Peters often offered his wisdom from the driver's seat of his truck.

Besides his favorite subjects, Peters found humor in everyday situations-- like parking.

Peters' brand of comedy was refreshing for many from Maine and beyond. He will be missed. Thanks for the laughs, Justin.

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