Wait... what?!?

I was recently on Reddit, and saw a post that made me do an honest-to-God triple take. The general idea, is that a person is getting ready to come up here to Maine on vacation, and were genuinely concerned about wearing... if you can believe this...  their Red Sox cap. Here in Maine. Like, what?!?

So what?

I had a full-on Diff'rent Strokes "whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?" kinda moment. How does someone live in New England, Massachusetts no less, and not know we're the official northeast reps for the Sox? It's a given fact that all of New England's sports teams represent all of New England. Does this guy think we're up here rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays or something?

Luckily, the commenters came to the rescue. And the BBQ, because he was roasted.

Lots of folks had things to say, but probably my personal favorite comment was "No you'll die, stay home and off the roads. It's too dangerous. Someone will think your head is shaped weird and drown you for Witchcraft." I mean, he is from Mass... Salem maybe? Probably not.

Some folks also pointed out the obvious, which is your Red Sox hat is just fine, but don't even THINK about a Yankees hat. We've all been in line at the Big Apple when some dude in a Yankees cap gets some snide remark from someone else in line. But a Red Sox cap? Jeez, man. How did the Pine Tree State become so foreign to you?

Photo by Shihab Chowdhury on Unsplash
Photo by Shihab Chowdhury on Unsplash

Here's the thing... We love the Sox. Maine always will. Please, for the love all that's good in the world, wear that Red Sox cap. Wear it with pride. your new Maine friends will accept and embrace you. Just don't say the word "Yankees" and you'll be ok. Or Tom Brady... Don't say that either. Traitor.


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