When a man who lives on the rocky shore of Western Ireland found a battered old lobster buoy, he automatically presumed that it had come from "across the pond."  He was right.

According to an article in this week's Ellsworth American, Frank MacNamara, a self-described "beachcomber" from County Clare, Ireland, found the well weathered buoy earlier this month, and immediately turned to social media to find the owner.

Frank started out with Burren Shores Beachcombing and More, a Facebook group that he's in charge of.  That post was shared with Maine Lobster Boats, another Facebook group.  The information eventually made its way to Frank White of Trenton, who said that the buoy was his, and that it was at least five years old, and that he had probably lost it off of Southwest Harbor.

Indeed, the buoy had made the 2,694 mile journey across the pond!

Being the typical dry humored Mainer, Frank White told the American, "“They’ve got to end up somewhere. You look at these bays, and it’s nothing but buoys, so I imagine they are everywhere.”

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