Before we get to the work of the Maine State Police, we back up to earlier when a Maine lobster boat captained by Cameron Pease of Cushing hauled in his traps.

He saw something that he wasn't sure what it was. Of course he was hoping for  lobsters when he went to work in the morning.

Instead he came upon a missile hauled up by his traps.

What did he catch?

Yes, a missile. A bomb.

He didn't know what he'd 'caught' until he cleaned the treasure.

Maine State Police Bomb Squad Commander Patrick Pescitelli confirmed it.

An approximate 5 foot long military rocket about 20 miles off shore

Commander Pescitelli and Bomb Technician Keith Barton responded to the call and analyzed the item which was identified as a MK29 Mod-0.

Here is Bomb Technician Barton at work

Maine State Police Facebook
Maine State Police Facebook

Using x-ray imaging the technicians were unable to confirm that the item did not contain explosive material.

And because of the condition of the item, they made the decision to countercharge the item with the guidance from Navy EOD Mobile Until 12.

The item was determined to be safe, and then disposed of properly.

Maine State Police Facebook
Maine State Police Facebook

Everyday is an adventure on a lobster boat. But this might be a once in a lifetime day. For the Maine State Police too.

Now, back to work.


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