It's the knowledge that's good to know, and that could save your life or someone else's...but that you hope you never, ever need to use. Local Fire Departments are spending this National Fire Prevention Week giving folks important information on how to prevent fires, and how to stay safe during a fire.

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The Eddington Fire Department is putting up a new tip or video each day on it's Facebook Page. Monday it was tips on "Clothes Dryer" Safety and the importance of cleaning out dryer vents. Tuesday's post had to do with why you should never put water on a grease fire.

Here was today's Fire Prevention Tip, just in time for the cold weather:

Over in Orono, the Orono Fire Department has a list of things on its Facebook Page that families can do to practice being safe during a fire.

"The activities include:

Read Books - about fire safety
Find EXIT signs - take a walk around daycare or school or home
Stop, Drop & Roll - kids should be encouraged to cover their faces when rolling
Plan a Fire Drill
Find the Meeting Spot
Detect the Smoke Detectors
Bubble Escape - blow bubbles and have kids crawl under them
Call for Help
Mark the Map - draw a floor plan"

There's a new theme every year during National Fire Prevention Week and the 2021 theme is on the SOUNDS of fire safety.

The Hermon Fire Department is encouraging people to learn what the different sounds of different detectors mean.

And in Ellsworth this weekend, the Ellsworth Fire Department will hold an Open House Saturday, to let families come by, tour the Fire House and learn directly from the FireFighters how to keep themselves safe.

Whatever way you choose to take some time to learn about Fire Safety this week, we hope you do take the time. Because a few minutes spent learning these important skills could save you and your family a lifetime of regret.

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