It nice to know nice kids and Alexa Vickerson is a nice kid.

She used to live in my neighborhood, and whenever she'd come over and play with my kids, you could just tell--she was a great little person.

Photo: Cori Skall
Photo: Cori Skall

She's kind, has impeccable manners and is overall just a wonderful young lady.

I can't say that I was too surprised when I came across a picture of her online this weekend, standing next to a huge "Toys for Tot's" donation box. I figured (because she's a great kid) that she likely went by with her family to donate a toy.

But then I read the entire post that Darling's put up (click here to read it for yourself.)

Alexa hadn't just donated "a" toy. Oh no. She went all out.

I reached out to her mom, local middle school teacher, Chelsea Lowe, to get the scoop.

The story goes like this:

Chelsea and Alexa were checking out some holiday movies, when the 8-year old turned to her mom and mentioned that she wanted to spread joy, like Santa, and give kids toys. So the determined young lady set about collecting donations from family members, friends, neighbors and even took some money out of her own piggy bank.

All in all, Alexa collected about $200.

Her mom said it only took her a week to gather up all the funds.

Then the two of them went to Target and got busy picking out toys for kids in need.

"She bought hula hoops, sleds, stuffed animals, family games, and Legos. She thought this was the best experience ever! She said she hopes she gets famous from all of this so that she can go to the hospitals and bring joy to the children there."

Alexa's mom reached out to family friend, Jared Slauenwhite, Sales Manager at Darling's Ford. He told her that Darling's does "Toys For Tots" every year, at all of their locations, and that they would happily accept the donations on Alexa's behalf.

"Chelsea texted me that Alexa wanted to donate these toys because she wanted to bring joy to people just like Santa she asked if we had toys for Tots going at our store and wanted to swing by with the toys. "

So Alexa stopped into Darling's and made her donation.

Photo: Jared Slauenwhite
Photo: Jared Slauenwhite

Slauenwhite says, while they generally have a lot of good people and employees drop of toys for the cause, this was was the first time he could remember where such a young person donated such a large amount of toys.

"My impression of this whole thing is it was a innocent selfless act by an incredibly special little girl. My coworkers and I were blown away at her maturity and how incredibly caring she is. She even put money out of her own account towards it."

Chelsea says she's inspired by her daughter's kind spirit: "I am so very proud of my little girl. She continues to impress me with her selflessness!"

Great job, Alexa. I'm proud of you, too, and honored to call you a buddy. Keep being awesome! The world needs kids like you.

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