For some, if an appliance stops working, it's a quick trip to the store or a click of the mouse, and they've ordered a replacement.

But there are some of us who like to dig a little deeper to find out why it's not working, and if we can, fix it for cheaper than buying a new one.

That's where, for years, Perkins Appliance on Center St. in Brewer has come into play.

Perkins Appliance Repair 1, Google
Perkins Appliance Repair 1, Google

With years of knowledge under his belt, Al Elkin could either talk you through the fix and sell you the parts to fix it, or he could do the repair himself.

I remember when my dryer died. It wasn't covered by the warranty anymore, but replacing it would have been beyond my budget. After a conversation with Elkin and a $38 part, the dryer was fixed.

Put dryer sheet into a dryer

Sadly, the community will be lacking Elkin's expertise now, as the shop has closed.

According to WABI TV 5, Elkin, whose family has run the shop for five generations, has finally decided to retire.

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"After four generations of family ownership, what became Perkins Appliance is closing for good...Tuesday was a long time coming for Elkin, who first walked through these doors on Center Street when he was about 5 years old."

Perkins Appliance Repair 2, Google
Perkins Appliance Repair 2, Google

TV5 says long-time Perkin's employee, Gary Coleman hopes to fill the void of Elkin's absence.

"Coleman is picking up the torch and opening his own appliance and repair store a few doors down."

We wish Elkin the best in his retirement. And good luck to Coleman as he gets ready to open his new business.

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