I love the fact that it appears the storm coming on April 1st -- as far as the Bangor area goes -- was an April Fools' joke. Not so much for our friends in southern Maine who are staring down 3-to-5 inches with sleet and a mess, so says the Weather Channel.

But this is nothing new for southern Maine, as this video will show you from New Gloucester in 2011.  Rich Peterson posted this YouTube video of the snow storm of that storm. Rumor has it the weight of the wet snow knocked out power for almost 23,000 homes and businesses in southern Maine.

Earlier than that, in 1997, we had an all out blizzard on April Fools' Day that dumped a significant amount of snow on much of New England. Logan airport in Boston reported 24.5 inches of snow with 50-70 m.p.h. wind gusts.

Good news in the Bangor area especially since Downtown Bangor and the Eddington Fire Department are having Easter events on Saturday. We are looking for cloudy skies and temps around 40. Hippty Hoppity!

Sorry Southern Maine, luck of the draw.

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