After thirty-nine years in law enforcement, he'd do it all over again!

What a pleasure it was to have Ellsworth Police officer Gil Jameson in the studio with us this morning!  We heard some stories, and we also heard how much that he'll miss the job, the people he has served, and the people that he has worked with over the years.

The stories he told - The fellow that he performed CPR on, reviving the man so that he could live another day.  Or, the time he and his partner were summoned to the Bar Harbor Inn to remove a skunk from the swimming pool, and using a lawn chair as a step ladder to get the critter out.  Gil has seen most everything.

For quite a few years Gil was the school D.A.R.E. officer, and we think that working with the kids and then the appreciation shown towards him in return, were some of the more rewarding feelings that he has experienced over the years.

Six years with the Bar Harbor PD, and then thirty-three with EPD - the man has provided our communities with a familiar face of security, and we thank him very much for it!  We will miss him. We hope that you have a fabulous and very long retirement Officer Gil!

Go Patriots!  Go Red Sox!  Go Gil!



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