It's been years in the making, and for many who grew up in Maine, and had to read the book in school, it's something we've been looking forward to! The tale of a young boy who gets separated from his traveling companions and somehow survives 9 days lost in the Maine woods was a compelling story to read.

Lost On A Mountain In Maine, Amazon
Lost On A Mountain In Maine, Amazon

But now, after years of working on the project, Don Fendler's "Lost On A Mountain In Maine" is set to hit the big screen this summer.

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of exactly when we could expect to see the film.

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According to the Facebook page of Lost On A Mountain In Maine, the wait is finally over.

A premiere date has been set. And the film will make its debut, being featured at a special film festival right here in Maine.

"Some of you may have heard by now, we are premiering Lost on a Mountain in Maine as a special presentation at The Maine International Film Festival this July 13th at 7 pm. The film will get its national release in theaters later this fall. MIFF Festival pass-holders can purchase tickets to the premiere at MIFF.ORG now, or individual tickets will be available for purchase on June 14th."

According to the MIFF website, the film also features a local actor in the cast.

"After 85 years, Maine’s perhaps best-known and most beloved book comes to the screen with central Mainers Ryan Cook and Derek Desmond—whose documentary version of the story of Donn Fendler was a prizewinner at MIFF 11 years ago—among the producers on this new, feature version, which stars another Mainer, Camden’s Caitlin FitzGerald. She plays the mother of Donn Fendler, who in 1939, at the age of 12, spent nine long days lost in the wilderness of Mt. Katahdin."

The Maine International Film Festival will show "Lost On A Mountain In Maine" at the Waterville Opera House located at 1 Common Street in Waterville.

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