There has only been one jackpot higher than this and it was won by somebody back in 2016. 

Suffolk Couple Win £148m In EuroMillions Draw
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Today according to the Maine State Lottery page the Maine Mega Millions is up to $900,000,000. Shazam.

On Tuesday no winner was to be had so your next chance is Friday's drawing. Keep in mind that between the State and the Feds you'll get whatever the jackpot is less 39.6 percent. That would bring a $900,000,000.00 jackpot down to a take home of 543,600,000.00 which still ain't hay.

Now I confess I don't normally play until the jackpot gets to big it seems like a crime not to try.

How about you? Will you buy a ticket? And what would you do if you won, after peeing your pants of course.

Personally, I'd pay off every family member's house. Then I'd take some time to get use to not having to worry about money and find an investment firm. Fun to dream.

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