Target's corporate office made an announcement that they are expanding and re-imagining space in hundreds of stores.  This push comes in reaction to Toy-R-us vacating so many towns across America.

So does this national expansion mean that Bangor's Target will be getting a toy face lift for the Holidays too? The answer is yes.  I spoke with Bangor Manager Dave Scott and got confirmation that the Bangor Target will be taking part in the toys expansion. He said that with in a week or so the newly enlarged area will be ready for holiday shoppers.  The biggest difference beyond the sheer size of the area he add is the hands on experience and enhanced display areas for buyers. They are also planning a digital arm that offers top selling toy lists and a toy finder.

Since the closure of Bangor's Toy-R-Us store Mr. Scott says there has been a definite uptick in toy sales in the Bangor Target store.

Bangor Target is open 8 AM - 10 PM except on Sundays when they close at 9

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