I was such a greenhorn when I got my license.

I remember actually saying out loud once, that I could fathom why anyone really needed to speed. It just seemed so obvious that if everyone just obeyed the law, we'd all get where we were going that much easier. Fast forward all these years later, and I constantly have to keep myself in check when it comes to speed.


I got pulled over once doing 89mph in a 70mph zone. And luckily that day, the trooper was in a good mood. Or he was super cold because it was just before Christmas and a zillion degrees below zero. But I would've gotten a hefty ticket that day, considering how fast I was going. And of course, speeding is one of the top reasons you'll get pulled over in Maine. As well as many others...

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Fast car moving with motion blur
Hon fai Ng

It's gotta be a tossup as to whether speeding or running a red light has to be the most common reason to get pulled over. But in Maine, it's definitely right at the top of the list. Sure, we all wanna drive fast, but eventually there has to be a balance. And some overall acceptance. But if speeding is something you do a lot, it's only a matter of time before you have a nice chat with a police officer.

Reckless Driving

Demolition derby car on fire

It's always tempting to do a bunch of donuts, or a sick burnout. But it draws a lot of attention to wherever you are. Many times, people will hang out and do this over and over in the same place, eventually you're inviting the cops to the table. Or maybe you weave in and out of traffic too much at a high rate of speed. Another driver will likely call 911 and let authorities know what you're up to.

Running Lights or Stop Signs

Closeup of a traffic light by night in Israel. Red light.
N Rotteveel

This is so easy to do, because more often than not it seems like a victimless crime. Most people are doing it "safely", but it's still against the law. There are certainly plenty of examples of tragedies as well, resulting from running lights and stop signs. Sure, the fine isn't going to put you in dire straits, but that's no reason to scoff the law.

Driving Under the Influence

drivers with a bottle alcohol
Vladimir Mucibabic

This is pretty obvious. Luckily, drivers under the influence are often easy to spot, for police as well as other drivers who can alert the police. This leads to a whole heap of trouble, of course. While a stop sign is a drop in bucket, a DUI will cost you time, money, and resources of all kinds.

Equipment Failure

Car tail light has broken from accident

If keeping the cops out of your business is your main concern, then make sure your headlights, tail lights, and plate lights are all functional. You're exhaust shouldn't sound like a Harley was crossed with a 747. Think about it... How many huge drug busts have you read about, that were the result of something stupid like a blown tail light? Again, if you don't want the cops in your business, keep your vehicle in good repair.

These are just the reasons you're most likely going to draw attention to yourself and see those blues in your rearview mirror. Let's not forget how many people still text and drive, and talk on their phones. If you think about it, if you just try and keep the cops off your back, you're also being a better driver.

Speeding down a back road has got to be on this list somewhere...

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