There are many things I admire in this world; Grit, being a go-getter, doing what you can to make a difference in the world; selflessness, and good examples.

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This story has all of those things. So let's celebrate some good news at the end of this week.

When the Bangor School Committee met this past Wednesday evening, Bangor Superintendant of Schools, James Tager, had some great news to share with them.

Jeff Tuttle, Townsquare Media
Jeff Tuttle, Townsquare Media

It seems a student from the school, who runs his own company "Sneaks and Deals" online, decided to take some of his earnings from his business and give back in a way that would benefit his fellow students.

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While Tager didn't name the student, as he wanted to be kept anonymous, the Superintendent shared with the committee that the individual had donated thousands of dollars to the school, with one very specific mission.

"The $7,500 will go a long way toward supporting families who need help buying suitable footwear for their students, and the donor was really happy that the gift will be used in a way that so strongly matches the work of his company. Very soon, it will be made available to the folks in our schools who help families meet these kinds of core and extended needs."
Rupert Weidemann
Rupert Weidemann
Tager said that they are hoping some other local retailers will step forward and partner with the school so that they can stretch this gift and make it most of it.
"From there, we hope to partner with area shoe retailers in a vouchering system that gives a number of easy, streamlined options for families to choose the fit and style that meets their needs. We're really proud of this student and appreciate his decision to give to others in such a meaningful way. "
The young man who donated has been running his shoe company since 2021. This kid had the grit, work ethic, and ambition to start his own company while in school. He has the emotional intelligence to be empathetic to those around him, the needs of the community, and the want (and in this case the means) to help. And not only is this student setting a great example for those around him, as to how to be a great citizen of this world, but my guess is he had someone close to him set a great example that he was inspired to follow.
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While I may not know his name, I'd like to commend this young man for such a generous act of kindness. And I'd like to pass along congratulations to his parents and role models for raising one great human being.

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