A proposed bill aimed at controlling the hunting of coyotes in Maine will be discussed by lawmakers.

The 130th Maine Legislature is taking on a few bills that would impact hunting in Maine. Bills to allow Sunday hunting, and banning the use of lead ammunition, are among topics of discussion. Another hunting related bill going before lawmakers seeks to control coyote hunting tactics in Maine.

LD 1265 - An Act To Control the Means of Hunting Coyotes, would drastically change the tactics of hunting coyotes in Maine. The bill would make it illegal to night hunt coyotes, hunt them with the use dogs, and using bait. The bill also imposes civil violations on hunters caught breaking the amended rules of the hunt. Violations would cost a hunter $100-$500, and or the loss of their hunting privileges for a year.

Coyote hunting in Maine is open year-round. Hunters tend to target the predators December through April when baiting and calling are most effective, and when their pelts are prime. Hunters need to possess Coyote Night Hunting Permit to night hunt. The only limitation on hunting yotes with dogs is that the tactic can't be utilized at night.

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