According to News Center Maine, a Maine kindergartener was taken to Maine Medical Center following an incident where the became trapped in the school bus door and the driver continued driving.

The news station reports that incident happened on an MSAD 6, Buxton Elementary, school bus. Reports indicate that the child's backpack got trapped in the bus door, subsequently trapping the child. The bus driver then continued to drive down the street.

New Center reports that the child suffered 'minor abrasions' and was transported to Maine Medical Center for treatment. The Buxton Police Department has investigated the incident, though no details regarding that investigation have been made public at this time.

Superintendent, Paul Penna, also told News Center Maine that the school district is also doing its own investigation into the incident. Additionally, the district s planning a review of all the existing safety protocols.

"We will follow up with our own investigation and review of safety protocols. Obviously, this is a concern, as student safety is paramount,", Penn told News Center Maine.

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