Do you remember Halley's Comet as a kid?

I'm one of those people that was born in just the right time period, that I may live long enough to see Halley's Comet again when it comes around. I was 12 when it came around last, so in theory, I could see it if I live into my late 80's/early 90's. I'm not holding my breath necessarily, but it would be kind of cool.

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I miss out on a lot of the cool heavenly events. Only once in my life have I seen the northern lights. Of all places, I saw them in Portland. It was super intense. I couldn't imagine being lucky enough to see them in a low-light area. I've also seen very few meteors. Of course, I've never found a four-leaf clover either. I know those aren't from space, but it speaks to the kind of luck I don't have, haha.

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The 'Devil Comet' is here right now, making the rounds.


There's another comet that's been hanging out in our skies the last few months, that travels on a similar schedule. The comet called the 12P/Pons-Brooks comet has been hovering about since around October. It's referred to as the "Devil Comet" because of the outbursts of its gasses in flight. Occasionally these flare-ups form kind of a horseshoe shape, resembling horns. Hence, the name Devil Comet.

Sun eclipse

On April 8th, the upcoming eclipse is going to provide a unique viewing opportunity, where the comet and the eclipse will be visible at the same time, according to WABI. Hopefully, this is just coincidence. I feel like I've seen a bunch of horror movies start out like this, where two celestial bodies meet and wreak havoc upon humanity.

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It'll definitely be worth keeping an eye on the sky that day, through appropriate means of course. You should never look directly at an eclipse, ever. But also, definitely keep your eyes and/or telescopes open so you can see the Devil Comet as well. Things like this don't ever happen at the same time. And again, keep your fingers crossed that this isn't how the world ends.

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