When I grew up, there were no dollar stores.

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I guess the closest thing you go to those in my youth was the local Mom & Pop drug store, like LaVerdiere's. Not only could you get a prescription filled, but you could buy a new fishing pole and a new bike at the same time. And then why not grab a kite while you're there?

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These days, drug stores still have all those things, but more often than not, around here in Maine, folks head to any one of the "dollar" stores. Whether it's Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or Family Dollar... There's a number of choices for all that stuff. Although, it's looking like maybe our choices may shrink a bit.

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Nationwide, Family Dollar is shuttering 1000 stores.

Dollar Stores On The Rise As The Erosion Of The Middle Class Continues
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By the end of this year, Family Dollar will be closing some 600 locations, according to CNN. Then, over the next four years as leases run out, they will close another 370 locations. Given that they're giving up nearly 15% of it's total number of stores, it's likely we could see some Maine locations close.

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It's unclear at this time how they will be choosing which stores will close, and which will stay open. But one could easily assume that they'd be spreading that number out over all the states they have locations in, perhaps eliminating what they might feel are redundant locations.

So why are the stores closing?


Family Dollar has taken a beating in the public eye the last few years. Lack of staff and inflation affecting prices, are a couple of the reasons. Especially the lack of staff. Many customers felt unsafe, as there were often boxes blocking aisles. Same for employees, who felt working conditions were at times, unbearable.

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It's hard to say when we may see any closures, but with the announcement that the first major round would happen by the end of the year, it won't be long before we start hearing what the deal is. But if Family Dollar is your jam, you may be looking for a new favorite discount store.

How many of these stores were the "Family Dollar" of their day?

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