Maine has a lot of great food products to offer, whether it's grown, fished, or concocted. If it can be pulled out of the ground, tapped out of a tree, or pulled up from the sea, we have an appreciation for these various food items and have found a way to really highlight their effect on our communities here in Maine through festivals.

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Awaiting the warmer weather for Maine's food festivals

Winter Festivals are simply nonexistent. That's usual craft fair time, anyway. Springtime festivals are few and far in between. So look to the warmer weather (say, above 45 degrees Fahrenheit) when looking for your next food festival in Maine.

Late spring is when festivals really ramp up because the weather is getting nicer and tourists are starting to come around. After Labor Day weekend is when events really start picking up and you'll be able to hop around the state to attend all kinds of things on any given weekend.

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Maine's tradition of festivals

Mainers celebrate specific products with festivals. It is a way to share something the community appreciates by bringing the community together. And, Maine has plenty of festivals for us all to take part in to appreciate the Maine we live in. Not only that but you can really cover quite a lot of ground to find some great festivals of Maine -- from the top of the state in Aroostook County in the springtime for potato blossom time to the easternmost points to celebrate salmon and blueberries to southern Maine to celebrate apples. Some of these festivals are decades old and have been integrated into many generations of families.

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Via Z-107.3 YouTube

Maine offers a variety of food festivals

If you think Maine is just about lobster, you'd be wrong. Our festivals run the gambit, from several types of seafood to berries (and what you would think are berries) to fungi and soda. Even a dog of a different color is on this list.

Check out the many kinds of annual food festivals Maine offers and start marking your calendar for when to anticipate checking out these Maine communities celebrating the great foods of Maine.

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