If you are a fan of the show you no doubt know Xander Berkeley who played Gregory in The Walking Dead. He has also had roles in such great series as 24, Nikita and The Mentalist.

Honestly his film credits seem to go on for days.This interview in Los Angeles where he lets slip that he and wife Sarah have move to our state and love it here is a nice feather in our caps. He was there in LA that day back in promoting a new move he he stars in with his wife called 'The Maestro' that came out last year to good reviews.

During the interview along with declaring his love for the state of Maine Xander Berkeley also divulged that his family had bought several properties that they were restoring to use in film production so how cool is that. The anchor does let slip a town here in Maine at the end but you'll have to watch the video to find out if you really want to know. He told him it is supposed to be a secret.

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