Video of a man helping a baby moose across a swift-flowing stream went viral over the weekend.

Shared on Facebook by Casey Hafford, a video shows a man carrying a moose calf across a stream. According to the post, the small moose was unable to cross the stream on its own. The swift water was too deep and swept the moose downstream before gaining footing again near the shoreline. The mother moose had crossed the stream already and had seemingly abandoned the calf. That's when the man in the video took action.

In the video you can see him carefully pick up the young moose, and carry it across the stream to the side where mom was hopefully still close by. Without human intervention the little moose might have drowned.

Maine wildlife is very active in late spring and summer. It's common to come across deer fawns, moose calves, fox, raccoons and other young wildlife in fields, woodland areas, and backyards. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife annually campaigns the adage "if you care, leave them there." Though baby animals may seem abandoned, most times mom is not far away. In the case of moose calves, IFW says be extra cautious around them. Handling or even getting close to a young moose may elicit a defensive response from mom if she's nearby.

In the case of this video, everything seemingly ends well. The young moose was no longer in immediate danger, it had a better chance to find mom again, and no one was injured. Excellent work gents.

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