There's a reason why people say not to believe everything you read on the internet. And yes, we understand the irony of you reading this on the internet. Another foolish map backed by very little statistical data has blown up on Reddit, declaring what each state in the country is "worst" at. Apparently, Maine is worst at brains or thinking or schooling, because we've been declared the "dumbest" state in the U.S.


The Science Behind It is Flawed

Some commenters on the Reddit post noted that this map has been circulating in the corners of the internet for years. Digging deeper, it appears the methodology in naming Maine as the "dumbest" state lies solely with an outdated SAT scores report. Early in the 2010s, Maine's average SAT scores for high school students ranked the lowest in the country. Somehow, that translates to everyone in Vacationland being an idiot.

Take a Look at the Rest of the Map

Don't get too upset by being declared a moron, because according to this same foolish map, other states have it much worse. Maine isn't declared as having the worst violent crimes or battles with drug addiction. Maine also isn't declared the worst when it comes to porn usage or being home to the "ugliest" residents.

Three Students Taking a Test

By the Way, Maine Isn't the 'Dumbest' State

Despite the low SAT score rankings more than a decade ago, Maine ranks in the middle of the pack for education overall. According to World Population Review, Maine ranks 28 out of 50 when it comes to high school and college graduates, as well as the quality of education K through 12.


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