Careful what you wish for dude!

You always find interesting things on Reddit on any given day, browsing today, I found a thread where a user named otakugrey mused that this winter has been too warm. Imagine that.

Granted, we haven't had any major winter weather events yet, but rest assured that it is indeed coming to a driveway near you...soon!

With all of that in mind, here is the post from Reddit and some of the interesting replies.

I’ve spent my entire 40 year life here and can remember warm winters and winters light on snow, but this is the first year I can remember that:

1- I haven’t had to shovel once before New Years

2- I raked during the winter (the wind/rain storm before Xmas took care of the stubborn leaves that never fell)

3- my lawn is not only green but looks in need of a mow (I cut it short in late Oct or early Nov…it’s definitely grown)

I raked during the winter (the wind/rain storm before Xmas took care of the stubborn leaves that never fell)

This past November or December I saw someone wearing a headlamp while mowing his lawn after work. Have to say that was a first for me.

Technically born in NH, so officially from away
Not sure the year, but we have a family Christmas photo outside my grandma's house, and we had to hold a wreath to indicate it was a Christmas picture. We were all in t-shirts. I think it was mid-late 90s

The warmest winter you've experienced so far...

Glad I got back into Skiing this year...

Same here but snowboarding. All new gear, season pass, etc. What a bummer

Same. Demo'd skis last year, first season pass, new skis boots and gear across the board aaaaaand 50 degree january

We’re just trying to drown the ticks instead of freeze them off.

There was a January 1st back in like... 2010? 2011? Where I was out ice fishing in a t-shirt. Wanna say it was like 40-something degrees out. But it was cold enough to make enough ice for me to feel safe before that so it was really just a fluke day. Not like this year.

It’s the consistent lack of cold that’s the issue.

Yes, absolutely. The source shows that as well. Scroll down to the lows and you'll notice there has only been one day in the entire 2000s that has been a record-low day in January (2018). There were only two in the 90s.

I'm happy that it's warm because I can barely afford heating oil, which sadly/ironically is the reason why it's getting so warm. It's messed up.

I pray for more snow and colder days. Winter is my favorite season and it's been very mild. I'd like to see the snowmobile race on the frozen pond again this year. Doesn't look like it's going to be happening any time soon and I'm bummed. I have reverse seasonal depression. I'm sad because it's not acting like winter outside

Reverse seasonal depression, sad LOL!
I’m stealing this

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