Hopefully I'm not about to jinx myself.

So far in my life, I've never had a really serious run-in with the law. I've been pulled over for speeding a couple of times, but nothing to write home about. But like most folks, when you're driving along and the blues come on in your mirror, your heart ends up immediately in your throat.

Police Car Lights
Carolina K. Smith,M.D.

It's funny that most folks would get so uptight about it. Most folks do what they're told and abide by the law in most cases. There's probably no reason to be paranoid, but whenever they come on, I always feel like I'm committing some heinous crime, when in actuality, I probably just have a stupid headlight out. But again, when you see the blues flashing, the anxiety kicks in.

But what if the lights are on, and they're not flashing?

Someone asked this question on Reddit recently, after driving around in Skowhegan and noticed a police officer driving around with a solid blue bar on top of the cruiser. The author of the post said it was causing a ton of confusion for folks on the road, not knowing whether they should pull over, keep going, or anything at all.

Emergency vehicle lighting

While I can't find any specific information from the state, WGME had a story a coule of years ago, with the Scarborough Police Dept. basically telling people that they'd be doing this very thing. The idea is that the solid blue lights will bring attention to other vehicles that there's a police presence, but no emergency necessarily.

This might be useful in a variety of situations. Especially if law enforcement officials were simply trying to get traffic in an area to behave a little better. Most people slow down immediately at the sight of lights, so this could certainly chill out a pretty hot section of any downtown. So ultimately, if you see the solid blue lights, you don't have to really do anything. Just don't be an idiot.

I think we all know Maine is likely not on this list, but it's nice to dream!

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