This past Wednesday morning started out well for a young couple from Bangor.  They had just dropped their daughter off for her first day of school in Orrington, but on the way back, something happened.

On the way back to Bangor, somewhere around Snow's Corner in Orrington, their van ran out of gas.  After a while, a knight on a blue horse showed up to help.

As the story goes, as told on SamanthaMike Parent's Facebook page, State Trooper Alden Bustard arrived in their time of need.  The trooper grabbed a gas can from the cruiser and poured what petro he had in, but it wasn't enough to start the van.  He then gave the male occupant of the vehicle a ride to the gas station up the road, and when they got back, the van started.

The trooper wouldn't take any $ for the gas.

Very cool.  It's people like this that continue to save the day all the time here in Maine.

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