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A 58 year-old Newburgh woman with a condition had been missing since yesterday morning when she left her house around 8:30 with her two golden retrievers.

According to a Facebook post by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, up to 50 people from numerous agencies had been searching for her throughout the day and the night and then into this morning. Then Kris MacCabe, probably Maine's most popular Game Warden, and his search dog Morgan showed up.

It took them about an hour to first find one of the woman's golden retrievers, which led them to her and her other dog about 50 atop a hill and off a tote road one quarter mile away from their home.

Kudos to everyone who searched for Cindy Dunton, from agencies like the Maine State Police, Newburgh Fire and Rescue, Maine Warden Service, Maine Army National Guard,   Maine Search and Rescue, and Maine Search and Rescue Dogs.  It was so nice to see everyone come to her rescue and to know that these fine people and their animals are always there to help!

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