My wife and I have been having this debate for years. She swears up and down that she gets bitten way more than I do. I've always found that a bit odd because I don't feel like skeeters and black flies, etc. really leave me alone. I'm often covered. But my poor wife is usually always scratching at some itchy bug bite.

My assumption has always been that we have the same amount of bites, more or less, but she just complains about it more. Hahahaha. But it turns out that I've been wrong all along. There is actually science that backs up her assertion that she's a bigger sufferer than I am. So then the question becomes... why?

Well, short answer: your body chemistry. There's different functions in your chemical make up that skeeters find absolutely irresistible. For instance, your breath is big deal. Not specifically the smell of your breath, but the carbon dioxide that you exhale when you breathe. They're drawn in by your breath, but carbon dioxide also lives on your skin, which is what they're really after.

Then of course, there's your good old fashioned pheromones. Which is a combination of chemicals released from your pores, that interact with bacteria that lives on your skin. So basically all these bacteria and chemicals party together to create this intoxicating aroma that mosquitoes can't avoid, according to

Being from Maine, there's nothing you can teach us about how to repel mosquitoes. Everyone has tried it all, hahaha. But as it turns out, if you've always thought you were getting picked on more than everyone else by Maine's real state bird, then you were right. This also means I'm never going to hear the end of it from my wife...sigh...

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