JStew: At first, I thought this was an old cell phone case. But then I noticed that spot that looked like you could hang it on a nail, and I know that Otter Boxes never had that feature. And as Cori pointed out this morning, I either guess them right away, or I'm stumped for eternity. Today was certainly the latter. I must've made about 20 guesses in my head before I just asked her what it was.

But as usual, I had a blast reading all the incorrect responses. Not that I don't care about the right ones, but sometimes people get so far off track that it makes me literally LOL. So thanks for my morning chuckle!

Cori: The number of options of things to take pictures of is started to dwindle, as our studio's kind of on the smaller side. But I thought I'd make an attempt to capture something we use on a pretty regular basis, especially these days.

Here are your guesses for this week:

Sandra Lyn The back of a remote control

Lisa Gallant It’s the back of something that hangs on the wall! 😬

Scott Tucker Back of a thermometer.
Paul Keezer The bottom of Sir Elton John's shoes....
A few of you had the same idea:
Jeffrey Edick dewalt battery charger
Greg Miller Battery charger
Mary Sullivan Phone base cordless
Daryl Friedman Back of a cordless phone base.
Robert Kaye Looks like the back of a dock for an extra handset of a cordless phone
Sarah Diecidue Phone base
Mary Klein DrouinPhone
Based on what the back of this thing looks like, we can totally see why you'd think that.
What's This Wednesday 7-22 Reveal Back
What's This Wednesday 7-22 Reveal Back
And this week's "Winner-winner, Chicken-dinner" awards go to:
Natalee Kohls Digital temp gauge that hangs on a wall
Kiersten Murphy Back of a Thermometer
What's This Wednesday Reveal Front
What's This Wednesday Reveal Front

Take a look at that temp, too! It's almost as hot in the studio as it is outside! Not joking when I say it gets super warm in here!

Next week, we're taking "What's This Wednesday" outside of the studio, to give you even better options for clues! Who knows what we'll come across--but we can't wait for your guesses!

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