Are we finally going to get some winter in our winter?

This has definitely been a winter for the books. I feel like I've seen some weird weather over the years, but between the summer that didn't really exist, turning into the winter that's barely existed, I feel like 2023 and the first bits of 2024 have just been nuts. Will it ever really balance itself again by Spring?

Doubtful woman shrugging shoulders at home

Over the weekend, all over Maine, unsettled windy and rainy weather once again destroyed beaches, homes, cars, and any number of other things. The tides just ravaged Maine up and down the coast. From Eastport to Kittery, Maine's coast has just been left a shamble... For the third time in a month.

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Now we're going to throw a bunch of snow on top of all of it.

According to the National Weather Service, the whole state of Maine is looking at some amount of snow tomorrow. It'll go from bad to worse as you head north. In Southern Maine, they may get a few inches. In the Bangor area, it may reach half a foot. And our friends up in the County are looking at some real snowfall. Let's break it down...

Southern Maine / Augusta...

In the greater Portland area and perhaps north up to Augusta, there's potential for 3-6 inches, total. Will that much land? Probably not. Based on the idea that the worst of it seems to be further up. The more north you go, the more snow. On the other hand, the coastal / river areas could use a bit of a pass after all the destruction over the weekend... Again.

Bangor area...

Around Bangor, there's a pretty good chance to see another 4-8 inches, on top of whatever may be in your yard after the awkward little squall/storm that blew through on Saturday. It would seem winter may finally have decided to show up and hang out for a bit. However, winter is definitely headed further up the road to the County...

Aroostook County...

Overall, it's looking like the County could be getting the better part of a foot of snow. And again, the further up you go, the more snow there is. Down towards Houlton, it may be more like just under a foot. Make your way up to Caribou, and that area could see well over a foot, approaching a foot and a half. Mother Nature really loves them.

It's been a minute getting here, but it looks like winter has finally decided to arrive. Our early spring / late fall weather had to go away at some point. Let's see where Mother Nature takes us next...

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