Governor Janet Mills unveiled her 4-phase plan to reopen Maine's economy yesterday, and a few businesses will be allowed to open beginning this Friday,  May 1st.  Take our poll and tell us how do you feel about this.

Stage one of the Governor's plan will allow the following to open: Limited drive-in, stay-in-your-vehicle religious services, what few drive-in movie theaters that there are in Maine, certain outdoor recreational activities such as allowing guided hunting and fishing tours and the limited use of golf courses, certain State parks will open, auto dealerships and car washes, and hair salons and barbershops.

Hair salons and barbershops would be able to open but not before first working with the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development in order to "implement practical, reasonable, evidence-informed safety protocols and modifications that protect the health and safety of employees and customers."  Those businesses that can prove that they can follow those protocols would then be given a "badge" to display on the front door and on the company's website.

In yesterday's announcement, Governor Mills stressed that the pandemic is not over, and that, “the hard truth is that things are not normal, and they will likely not be normal anytime soon.”

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